image There are a number of ways to block advertisements in Internet Explorers, however, most involve adding a new process or ActiveX extension to IE. I do not like increasing my memory footprint for everything that I would like to do on my system and this trick has been like god send for me. Read it on the internet somewhere, don’t particularly remember where, but this trick turns your IE 8 into a mighty good ad-blocker by itself without the need for any third party software. Just a note, this is a learning ad-blocker. The more you use it, the better it will get. Rest assured, it wouldn’t take it a month to learn. You will start noticing the difference in 2 days max!…. 🙂

1. Open regedit.exe ( press windows key+r and then type regedit.exe )

2. Go to the following location (If you dont find this path, then create it yourself):



3. Create a new DWORD value and name it “StartMode”.

4. Double click the value you just created in step 3 and change it’s value to 1.



5. Now open Internet Explorer 8. You should see a small icon-> image  in the status bar on the bottom. What you have basically done is that you have enabled InPrivate Filter and changed the default settings to ON.

6. Now click on the drop down arrow, which will open this menu->


7. From there, choose settings which will bring you to the following dialog.


8. Change the default number of websites to 3 and click OK.


That’s it!!…. you are done 🙂 …. you will notice, that with time, Internet Explorer will block most of the ads that you see on websites…. The above settings have made sure that any server that is displaying ads on minimum 3 websites will be blocked on IE.


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